State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico and The Dallas Logistics Hub Sign Historical Memorandum of Understanding

DALLAS, TX (June 1, 2007) – Mexico-based INVITE and the Texas-based Dallas Logistics Hub signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today to increase the competitiveness of the Interpuerto and the Dallas Logistics Hub as a result of improved logistics systems between Monterrey – Saltillo, Mexico and the Southern Sector of Dallas County, Texas. This new international partnership will focus on improving the security, speed and efficiency of moving goods between these two major logistics centers.

INVITE, an entity of the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, which is developing an inland port and manufacturing facility, and The Allen Group, which is developing the 6,000 acre Dallas Logistics Hub in Southern Dallas County of Texas, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will create an efficient new trade corridor between Mexico and the United States.

The MOU establishes a collaboration of the parties on several issues, including the designation of a customs pre-clearance zone for the development of integrated logistics systems connecting the Interpuerto in Monterrey – Saltillo, Mexico and the Dallas Logistics Hub in Southern Dallas County, Texas. The objective on both sides of the border is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises established at both locations.

“Customs pre-clearance is important for both parties as it will expedite the flow of goods between Nuevo Leon and Texas and provide additional security for enterprises operating within the facilities,” said Ambassador Francisco Javier-Alejo, Nuevo Leon’s Executive Coordinator for INVITE.

Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams has focused on the promotion of trade and the flow of goods between Mexico and the United States through NEMEX-TX. “This is just the type of partnership we want to see,” said Williams. “It’s good for Texas, and it’s also good for our neighbors to the South in Mexico.”

The parties anticipate that new jobs will be created as a result of the improved competitiveness of U.S. and Mexican enterprises and that these enterprises will be able to compete with manufactured products from other parts of the world.

According to the parties, their collaboration and understanding is motivated by the fact that inefficient logistics systems in the movement of goods between the Mexico and the U.S. is a major impediment to their ability to compete with products imported from other parts of the world. The MOU will facilitate the development of a new and proprietary transportation system to help address these inefficiencies.

“This proprietary transportation system will result in better delivery times and increased competitiveness of Mexican goods being delivered to the Dallas Logistics Hub,” said Dan McAuliffe, president of The Allen Group, the entity constructing the Dallas Logistics Hub.

INVITE is presently involved in several initiatives to create improved logistics systems between the states of North Eastern Mexico and Texas, designated as NEMEX-TEX, including the development of Monterrey as a Logistics Gateway.

The Allen Group is presently involved in the development of the Dallas Logistics Hub, on a site of approximately 6,000 acres adjoining Interstates 35, 45, and 20 in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and also manages intermodal logistics parks in Kansas City and along the West Coast of the United States.