November 8, 2007

Q & A with Leslie Jutzi, The Allen Group

Your name/title with your company:
Leslie Jutzi, Director of Government Affairs and Community Relations

Your company’s name:
The Allen Group

Your company’s address and phone number:
2200 Ross Ave., Suite 4150, West Dallas, 214-661-1803. Specifically, our 6,000 acre development is located in four jurisdictions in Dallas County: Lancaster, Dallas, Hutchins and Wilmer.

How long you’ve been in business:
The Allen Group has been operating in Texas for the past two years. It has been in operation nationally for 15 years.

Hours of operation:
Due to the nature of my job, I am available 24/7.

What services your company offers:
The Allen Group is the nation’s premier developer of logistics hubs.

Why you located your businesses in this area:
The Allen Group located its business in the Southern Sector of Dallas County due to several factors: 1) it is the only place in the United States with a “Golden Box” (I-35, I-20, I-45, and proposed Loop 9); it is the only location in the United States with five interstates within close proximity; it has a willing workforce and excellent educational facilities within close proximity to the development. These assets help out company provide solutions to customers who seek locations with limited congestion, reasonably priced land, an excellent workforce.

What makes your business stand out from other:
Our business stands out from others because we are committed to the community’s success in addition to our own. We seek long-term solutions to issues. An example of our philosophy includes out partnerships with educational institutions and metropolitan planning organizations within the area. We have provided scholarships to students and facilitated grants that will support workforce training programs that are preparing the community to participate in the opportunities that are presented at the Hub and within the supply chain management, logistics and transportations fields.

What has made your business a success:
Our business is a success because we can be trusted to do business the right way and are committed to the success of others. We understand that in order for us to succeed with out development and entice long-term customers to the area, the quality of the workforce, the schools, housing stock and other amenities must also be desirable. We are committed to assisting our communities as they work to enhance the quality of life for all citizens and customers in the region.

What personal challenges have you overcome as a woman in business:
I have overcome several challenges as both a woman and a minority in a majority-dominated business. I have overcome these challenges by seeking out mentors from all segments of society who also take a global view of the world and by smart work, tenacity and continuous follow up. It is interesting to me that when speaking of diversity, there is sometimes a tendency to have Anglos speak to Anglos, Hispanics to Hispanics, African American to African American, and so on. I am fortunate to work for a company that believes in true diversity and trusts and encourages me to venture where others have not gone.

A women (businesswoman or other) who inspires you and why:
My mother and my parental grandmother inspire me. They challenged conventional thinking and decided that society would not dictate their boundaries nor should it set artificial boundaries on the communities in which they lived. Many times they initially stood alone, and others joined later when they felt safe to do so. They were both highly successful in helping to move their communities forward against seemingly insurmountable odds. They both made significant personal and financial sacrifice while putting others before themselves, and taught those around them graciousness in the face of adversity. I hope to someday be a woman who is worthy of being mentioned in the same breath with them.

Favorite quote and who originally stated it:
“Don’t give up – don’t ever give up.” Coach Jim Valvano.

Marital status and names of kids:
Married to Michael Bender Jutzi, and we have one daughter named after my mother and paternal grandmother.