Cedar Valley Community College
The Allen Group has partnered with Cedar Valley Community College to help support both traditional and non-traditional students in the area. The Company has provided scholarships for students, participated in Leadership Series’ Conferences, helping the college formulate partnerships that will enhance its ability to serve the community, and identified issues and topics relevant to the international trade and logistics process.

Contractors / Construction Associations
Cultivating relationships with the qualified businesses and individuals who have an interest in work at the Dallas Logistics Hub is central to the success of the project. The Allen Group has participated in several networking events sponsored by various local contractor organizations and will continue partnering with these organizations to announce project construction opportunities at the Dallas Logistics Hub.

Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce
The support of community businesses is another key to The Allen Group’s success in all markets. With lifetime membership in the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, The Allen Group is continually afforded opportunities to network with peers and facilitate communication and job opportunities both at The Hub and amongst chamber members.

D/FW Minority Business Development Council
The D/FW Minority Business Development Council is the repository for “bid set” construction plans for various projects throughout the Metroplex. It is a one stop shop for contractors seeking to bid on projects and The Allen Group is pleased to include plans for The Hub at the Council’s Plan Room. The Council is also an invaluable resource in helping employers connect with qualified contractors.

Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce
Identifying potential customers and securing business agreements drive the development of the Dallas Logistics Hub. The Regional Momentum Program of the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce is an excellent venue for identifying serious customers and working with Chamber Staff and local economic development corporations to focus on the Dallas Logistics Hub as the premier location for business in Texas. Visit the Greater Dallas Chamber at:

Greater Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce
Being active in the community is a vital part of securing success for the Dallas Logistics Hub. By serving as a member of the Chamber, The Allen Group keeps the community aware of the happenings in and around The Hub and often sponsor Chamber events. Members of The Allen Group are frequently spotted at community gatherings and participate in subcommittees, such as the Manufacturing and Logistics Committee. To learn more about the Greater Lancaster Area Chamber, visit their website:

North American Inland Port Network (NAIPN) is a sub-committee of the North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition (NASCO). NAIPN advocates the interests of Inland Ports along the International Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor (IMTTC) and supports NASCO’s mission to strengthen the Secure, Multi-Modal Trade and Transportation System. The Allen Group is a proud member of NAIPN and supports their initiatives. NAIPN Members contribute their business challenges to NASCO’s Special Project Initiatives so that new business process & technology solutions are developed to improve efficiency at the Inland Ports. For more information about NAIPN, visit their website: For more information about NAIPN, visit:

North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition (NASCO) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing economic development activity while supporting multi-modal infrastructure improvements, technology / security innovations and environmental initiatives along the NASCO Corridor. NASCO’s goal is to distinguish themselves from other corridors by taking leadership to deploy far-reaching, aggressive action and solutions along the entire NASCO Corridor, focusing on broader corridor issues, to include cross-border trade facilitation requirements and issues of national and international importance. The Coalition has developed a network of contacts with public and private sector individuals, organizations, companies and public entities, institutes and centers of knowledge, as well as with regulatory and governmental entities from the local, state, provincial and Federal governments of Mexico, the United States and Canada. NASCO has a highly credible, 13-year track record of successful advances in policies, projects and accomplishments. The Allen Group is a proud member of NASCO and supports their initiatives. Visit NASCO’s website for more information:

Other Regional Chambers of Commerce
Joining the right chambers of commerce allows The Allen Group to network with individuals and other businesses that share a common vision for the future of the community. The Company is very active as a result of chamber memberships and Allen Group employees sit on several chamber boards, including the boards of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce and US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, The Allen Group has participated in several networking and business development functions at the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber, as well as the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Texas One Program
The Allen Group is a Tier One member of the Texas One program. This program is the key marketing program for the State of Texas. It promotes the various sectors of the economy that are positioned for growth and makes the business case for locating in Texas. As a top tier member of this organization, The Allen Group strongly believes in this tool as a key component for the success of the state, helping educate and inform business interested in locating in Texas about The Company.

University of North Texas – Dallas Campus
The Allen Group is working in concert with the University of North Texas’ Dallas Campus to facilitate programs that will help the community educate and prepare itself to participate in the exciting changes taking place at the campus and at the Dallas Logistics Hub. Programs include sponsorship of scholarship programs, participation in Leadership Series, and assistance with information regarding international trade and logistics. The Company’s goal is to help facilitate the creation of a well-educated workforce, which will further enhance the success of the project and the companies that locate in the Dallas Logistics Hub.