Dallas– America’s Inland Port

The Dallas Metroplex is served by three Class 1 railroads: BNSF Railway, Union Pacific (UP) and Kansas City Southern (KCS). Nationally, the 32,400 miles of UP trackage, 32,000 of BNSF and 3,100 of KCS offer excellent rail access to any rail-served market in the country.  The presence of three Class 1 railroads had made the Metroplex a key North American intermodal hub.

Dallas is becoming increasingly important as an intermodal hub. As imports from Asia continue to accelerate, the city is becoming a significant consignee for containers.  Traditionally, the major intermodal routes have led to Chicago, but the carriers are finding Dallas to be an important destination market, as well as a more efficient and less congested transfer point.  Many companies with national distribution needs understand that Dallas is becoming the major gateway for distribution of goods to the major population centers of the central and eastern United States.

In the next several pages under the Logistics section of this website, you will learn more about the most sophisticated rail, intermodal, highway and air access in the country at the Dallas Logistics Hub – making South Dallas a major inland port!

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