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Dallas to Become Premier Trade Hub with 6,000-Acre Project

30 July 2007

The Dallas Logistics Hub (The Hub), a 6,000-acre logistics park in Southern Dallas County, already has its place in history. Being one of the largest under-construction logistics parks in the nation, The Hub has already given Dallas the reputation as a premier trading center.

Labeled as “America’s Inland Port,” the Hub is next to Union Pacific’s Southern Dallas Intermodal Terminal, four major highway connectors, Lancaster Airport and a proposed BNSF intermodal facility. The 60 million-plus square feet will consist of light industrial space, warehouse space and distribution facilities, as well as office and retail space. The developer projects the park to be completed by February of next year.

The Allen Group is developing the unprecedented logistics park. It has selected MYCON General Contractors Inc. as the contractor for Building 1, totaling 635,000 square feet, and 3i Construction LLC as the contractor for Building 2, totaling 192,850 square feet.