The Allen Group Develops Community Involvement & Investment
The Allen Group has a long history of partnering with the communities it serves; providing jobs, educational opportunities, and resources to residents of those communities. The Company continues this history, fostering a strong working relationship with community leaders and city officials from Dallas, Lancaster, Wilmer, and Hutchins, Texas.  The 6,000 acres of land comprising The Dallas Logistics Hub falls within these four city jurisdictions. At completed build-out The Hub will create 30,000 new jobs for southern Dallas County, including Lancaster, Wilmer and Hutchins, and will increase the tax base for these communities by $2.4 billion.


Dallas Logistics Hub

  • Create 30,000 – Plus Jobs
  • Tax Base Increase of $2.4 Billion Upon Complete Build
  • 6,000 Acres of Total Land
  • Improved Quality of Life for Residents and Businesses in Southern Dallas County
  • Record Residential and Industrial Growth